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Proactive support that protects your bottom line

If you’re like us, you don’t like surprises. Especially when it comes to the health of your machines. Because that can mean expenses, lost productivity, and less profitability. So, let’s skip the surprises. Based on the lifecycle stage and utilisation of your machine, FarmSight Service packages* include remote equipment monitoring** and diagnostics by dealer experts to help you keep your machine the way you want it: reliably performing at its best.


In Base

You’ll receive tailored initial machine setup assistance and usage instructions. Includes continuous machine monitoring by dealer experts using remote diagnostic tools.


Select lets you benefit from the latest insights of your dealer experts and factory data. Based on real-time data from your machines, you’ll receive timely recommendations on how to keep your machine performing and in perfect shape.


With Premium, you’ll benefit from reduced operating costs and increased machine performance based on data and expert knowledge – performed on-farm or with the latest remote support tools.


Ultimate brings your uptime and performance to a new level. Experience total peace-of-mind service based on data and expert knowledge including guaranteed machine uptime.


Featured FarmSight Services

Listed below are dealer services that can be part of FarmSight Services packages. Whether it’s remote machine monitoring, supporting you to achieve optimal machine performance, or maintenance with genuine parts, we’ve got you covered!


Remote Machine Monitoring

Remote Machine Monitoring

The operating condition of your machine is remotely monitored by dealer specialists through John Deere Connected Support tools like Expert Alerts and Machine Dashboard. If the tools indicate that something is wrong on the machine, you’ll be contacted immediately and will receive the proactive support you need to minimize the risk of downtime and to let you continue to focus on your work.

Remote Machine Setup Support

Remote Machine Setup Support

The Remote Display Access tool can significantly reduce your machine setup time, it allows the dealer’s expert to connect with your in-cab-display to assist you with set-up. It also allows your dealer’s expert to give you performance enhancement support and will make it much easier for you to communicate with your dealer should you run into issues, helping to maximise uptime.

Expert Check

Expert Check

A thorough inspection of your machine by our dealer experts. Using a unique John Deere inspection checklist, they’ll produce a comprehensive technical diagnosis of your machine’s health and advise you on what measures to take to ensure maximum uptime in the next season.

Machine Handover Training

Machine Handover Training

A one hour driver training session at your dealership. It highlights the key productivity features of your machine and explains how you use them to optimise your operations.

* Available at participating dealers only. Exact services scope depends on individual dealers' offer.

** All remote services require the JDLink telematics module, an active subscription and your consent.

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